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My availability and services are limited during Summer 2022 while I work on developing more courses and quality content for Youtube.

My Services

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Courses are in the works. Expect creative and unique courses that showcase Graduate level information and worksheets to help you increase self awareness and love.


Meet me and we can discuss your Human Design chart or you can pick my brain on various high mind topics.


Thought provoking poetry to contemplate. Gain wisdom and escape boredom.


It’s true, I am a mystical being and if the universe brings you to me, then lets dance.

Happy Clients

  • You expressed and communicated this so well and clear. It’s all spot on.

    Chantel R.

  • Wow!! Thank you very much. Everything in harmony at the meetings. All very incredible.

    Peri P.

  • Thank you very Much!! It was very clear and useful. I will surely listen again. Thanks again for taking the time.

    Mareclo M.

  • Amazing!!

    Fiona M.

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