Thanks for your interest and desire to know more of my personal story.

I acquired a B.A. in Sociology, Women’s Studies, and an A.A. in Business Management, before pursuing an M.S. in Clinical Counseling and now a Masters in Psychology. (Therapeutic Arts) Hey, I told you I was a nerd.

I’m also a proud mom. I have two boys 13, and 15 who ground me daily. They remind me to not take myself or life too seriously. They’re my motivation to be a living example of pursuing my passion. (which is discovering and sharing knowledge with you 😉)

In my free time, I LOVE to write, watch Steeler Football, and explore mental concepts of all kinds. I think I made that obvious. 🙂

My work here is about offering my knowledge, life experience, and creative inspiration, to awesome humans who have open minds, and desire a deeper insight into themselves.

I invite you to explore the blog, Or read my philosophy to discover why I do this online creation thing.

Don’t forget to browse the Shop to discover amazing worksheets and guides.

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